How to submit project?

There are mainly four steps involved in submitting the project.

  1. Upload project video on Youtube
  2. Create the project documentation in PDF format
  3. Zip file of your code, images and all project assets
  4. Submit the project details

Step 1: Upload project video on Youtube

  1. Make a video using your smartphone camera which showcases the final working or the output of your project. This video will not show how you have built the project but will only demonstrate the final result.
  2. Add the necessary subtitles or commentary in the video to ensure that the judges are able to understand the content well.
  3. Create an account on Youtube if required. If you already have a Google/Gmail account then you can directly login to the Youtube with your Gmail credentials.
  4. After signing into Youtube, you have to create a personal channel. 
  5. Upload your project video to Youtube.
  6. Before you click on the upload icon, choose the option as ‘Public’ from the privacy tab. This is to make sure that we will be able to view the project video.
  7. Enter your project name as the title of the video.
  8. Add the hashtags #boltiot, #IoTMLChamp. You could also add more hashtags so that more viewers can reach your video.
  9. In the description section, write a few lines describing the project.
  10. Check the below screenshot for a better idea on what is required.
  11. After entering the details, click on the Publish to publish your video.
  12. After publishing the video, you will get the URL of the video.
  13. Please note down the URL of the video. It will be required during project submission.

Step 2: Create the project documentation in PDF format

We will also need to view how you have built the project so that we can judge it.

Check this sample project for your reference Innovation challenge project sample

Documentation will be divided as below -


2.Things used in this project

  1. Hardware components
  2. Software apps and online services


  1. Introduction
  2. Steps for building the project


1. Overview

  • Give a short description to your project .
  • Add a Cover image to your project. Make sure that the image is clear, catchy and tells what your project is.

2. Things used in this project

1. Hardware components

 Add the details of the hardware that you have used in your project.

2. Software app and online components

Add the details of the software/apps that you have used in your project.

3. Story

Divide the story section into two headings.

  1. Introduction- Write what is your project about and what problem it is solving in about 3-4 lines.
  2. Steps for building the project  - Add instructions for building the project.
  • If there is any code written for your project, add it to the steps and explain the working of the code. 
  • Each step should be clearly marked as Step 1, Step 2 etc. Make sure you follow this format only. There is no limit on the number of steps.
  • Add screenshots wherever necessary. 
  • Add photos of your hardware connection without fail. Show the connections stepwise.

4. Schematics

Add schematic diagram of the project. You can use various software to make your schematic diagram. For example:

The Fritzing diagram for the Bolt WiFi module is

Step 3: Zip file your code, images and all assets

  • Create a folder with name as your email id
  • Copy all your code, images and other assets in the newly created folder.
  • Zip or compress that folder

You will need this compressed folder while submitting the project

Step 4: Submit the projects details

 You will get the link to submit the project on 10th September, 2020.