Details on the Internship after training

Details on the Internship after training

How will I get the internship upon completion of the training?

  1. You are eligible for an assured Internship at the end of the training.
  2. You will also have an option to earn a stipend upon completing the internship based on your performance.

Below is a 7 step process to be eligible for the Augmented Reality Internship:

  1. Go through the Augmented Reality training content and learn all the concepts.
  2. Answer the certification exam and submit it.
  3. Once you clear the exam, within 15 days, you will receive an email with the link to register for the assured internships.
  4. Once you submit the form, you receive another email with the list of organisations hiring and the projects you can take for your assured internship. This email will also contain a link, which gives you a detailed description of each project and the objects that need to be completed. You can take a call on what project to take based on it.
  5. If the AR project you build is unique and not been plagiarised, you will be issued a certificate of 15 days internship duration. You are recommended to complete at least two projects to earn a one month certificate.
  6. If your project is used commercially, you will be eligible for a stipend of Rs.2,500/- (if it is an Indian company) and $35 (if the company is based outside India).

Next step to get the internship

The next step now is to complete the training. So get started with it in the next section.